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Hydraulic and Circulating oils

PennzBell series of lubricants is manufactured by Pennzoil India Ltd. Available in the following grades

Pennzbell Peaco 32
Pennzbell Peaco 68
Pennzbell AW 32
Pennzbell AW 68
Pennzbell AW 100
Pennzbell AW 150
Pennzbell AW 220
Pennzbell AW 320
Pennzbell AW 460

PennzBell AW series of oils are multipurpose oils and can also be used in a variety of non Enklo applications. This can also be used as a compressor oil

Enklo : Name used by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation to identify its hydraulic and circulating lubricants.

ENKLO series of lubricants is replaced with PennzBell series of lubricants.

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