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General Purpose Lubricants

Machine Oil - A General purpose lubricating oil for use in moderate temperature and pressure applications. The typical viscosity is between SAE 30 and SAE 40. It is also available in other viscosities. Commonly used as a cheaper alternative to SAE 40 for non-critical applications.
Branded by manufacturers as: ServoLine / Palex series of oils

Sewing Machine Oil - It is the ideal lubricant for sewing machines. Also good for general use where a low viscosity,moderate speed and light load lubricant is required.

PennzBell AW series of oils - Manufactured by Pennzoil India Ltd.
Available in many visosities. A multi-purpose lubricant which can usually replace any other oil with similar viscosity. Good flow and anti-wear properties. Remains stable at high pressure. Frequently used in Hydraulic, Circulating and Toolway applications.

Motor Oil ( Engine Oil ) - Stable at high temperature and pressure. Typically used in automotive/generator engines. Available as monograde or multigrade oils. Synthetic versions also available. Specialized Petrol and Diesel versions available.